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  • What is the capacity of your Content Delivery Network?The Live Streaming CDN is powered by CDN77’s immense network with the capacity of 14 Tbps+. With 19 Streaming PoPs on three continents, the network offers a fully redundant solution for your live stream delivery.
  • How do I activate custom PoPs?By default, we deploy 15 PoPs. The 4 remaining locations - Singapore, Tokyo, Bratislava, and Moscow - can only be activated by the CDN77 team upon a previous agreement. Contact us for further details.
  • Can I customise my network?Yes. The CDN is fully customisable and you have full control over the deployment of individual data centres. While 15 PoPs are activated as a default setting, reducing the number of locations can significantly increase the cache efficiency of your stream which results in a faster and seamless stream delivery.

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