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  • How do I protect my stream?To protect your stream, you can use the following security features.
    For secure video streaming, we can encrypt your stream using an SSL certificate. This is optional, although, we recommend it. The SSL certificate for any CNAMEs you need is free. It’s also fully automated and does not require any configuration from your side. If you don’t require a CNAME, then our CDN URL’s are also covered by a separate Custom SSL certificate.
    Hotlink Protection
    Hotlink Protection prevents other websites from linking to your stream. Therefore, your stream is protected from restreaming. Feel free to whitelist/blacklist up to 20 sites.
    Secure Tokens
    We can set up security tokens for playback protection during a server-client exchange. The token is a hash generated from a “key” that’s embedded in the filepath of your files that allows access to a file for a limited amount of time. This hash can be based on your user’s IP address as well. The streaming server then checks if this hash is generated using the proper key, whether or not the timestamp has expired, and compares the IP (if you choose to use our IP feature). In case it does not match all of the above, the request is rejected.

    Our Secure Tokens protect both the individual segments of the video (ts chunks) as well as the manifest files (m3u8, mpd, f4m)
    Geo Blocking
    You can set up geographical restrictions on your users’ location. For example, restrict your stream in a particular country or a set of countries.
    IP Whitelist / Blacklist
    Similarly to Geo Blocking, IP blacklist helps you restrict your stream to specific IPs. IP whitelist is the opposite, it only allows the stream to specific IPs and restricts everything else. However, if you want to include more than 20 IP’s to whitelist/blacklist, then IP based secure tokens are required.

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