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  • What encoders does CDN77 support?We support any encoder that allows you to publish your stream to our streaming servers.
  • CDN77 streaming servers locationsWe run a network of streaming servers in the US & Europe. We make sure to choose the closest streaming server to your encoder/origin server as the primary RTMP entry point.
  • Is your solution backed up?

    Yes. If you run your own streaming server and have your stream already converted into HLS, MPEG-DASH and/or HDS, we deliver your stream using a fully redundant and a large capacity Content Delivery Network.

    If you have your stream in RTMP or RTSP, we will provide you with a primary RTMP entry point as well as a backup URL. Your stream is repacked and transcoded on two separate streaming servers in different locations.

  • Can you re-stream my RTMP feed to another platform?

    Yes. If your encoder does not allow you to publish an RTMP/RTSP feed to more than one server, we can re stream to Facebook, Youtube etc. This feature is available only in combination with Live streaming CDN service.

  • Does CDN77 support adaptive streaming?Yes. If you send us your stream in RTMP/RTSP, we will repack into the playback format of your choice including multiple qualities. You can either tell us what bitrates and resolution do you require or ask our team for an optimal setup of your stream.
  • Does CDN77 support Timeshift and DVR features?

    Yes. We do support both Timeshift and DVR.

    Timeshift allows your users rewind the stream and watch it in the period of up to 12 hours after the live broadcast.

    Using a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), you can record your live stream to the CDN Storage and offer it to your audience for streaming or progressive download at a later time. For more information about VOD, contact us at

  • Does CDN77 support VOD streaming?

    Yes. We do support both progressive downloads and HLS/MPEG-DASH/HDS VOD streaming. For more information, you can go to or contact us at

  • Do you offer a player?

    Yes. Thanks to our cooperation with Bradmax, we can offer a fully customisable HTML5 player with advertisement and multi-DRM support accompanied by a selection of playback analytics. To get the player, login into Streaming Dashboard and go to Video Players section.

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