1 Gbps
  • 24/7 streaming
  • Maximum peak of 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited TB transfer
$349Overage: $1.3/Mbps
5 Gbps
  • 24/7 streaming
  • Maximum peak of 5 Gbps
  • Unlimited TB transfer
$1580Overage: $1/Mbps
10 Gbps
  • 24/7 streaming
  • Maximum peak of 10 Gbps
  • Unlimited TB transfer
$2790Overage: $0.6/Mbps
over 10 Gbps
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All Monthly Plans include the Peak-Safety Net

Each month, you can use up to twice as much your purchased bandwidth for a period of 4 hours in total, at no additional charge.

Unlimited TB transfer

No additional charge for traffic within your prepaid bandwidth capacity.

Multiple streams/channels

Broadcast as many as 20 simultaneous channels/streams.

Worldwide delivery

Fully redundant global network for seamless stream delivery.

All plans also include

Security features
14 PoPs Worldwide
Adaptive streaming
24/7 support incl. Live chat
Player with unlimited views

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Pricing FAQ

  • What if I exceed the prepaid bandwith limit?We suggest that you add Pay-As-You-Go credit to your account on top of the chosen Monthly Plan. This way, you don’t have to worry about exceeding the maximum bandwidth capacity. We will charge you for excess bandwidth usage on a Pay-As-You-Go basis with the respective overage rates.
  • Is transcoding included in the prices?Yes. All Monthly Plans include transcoding of a single stream into 3 qualities. If you need to transcode more streams or more than 3 qualities, contact us to get a custom proposal.
  • How does the Peak-Safety Net work?Peak-Safety Net provides peace of mind if your audience is larger than expected. You can use twice as much of your prepaid maximum bandwidth capacity for a period of up to 4 hours a month. Overage fees are applied only after you've exceeded the Peak Safety Net capacity and/or its time limits.
  • How do I buy a Monthly Plan?You can simply contact us using one of the forms on the website. As Live streaming requests are almost always specific, we consult each client individually when setting up their account. You can test the service in a trial mode first, then we can discuss the activation of the most fitting plan for you.