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  • What streaming protocols/formats do you support as the input?

    We support either RTMP and RTSP streams or HLS, MPEG-DASH and HDS streams as the input.

    If your stream is in RTMP or RTSP, we will repack it into the supported playback formats of your choice, transcode into various qualities (if requested) and deliver it your viewers using the Content Delivery Network.

    If you run your own streaming server and have your streams already converted into HLS, MPEG-DASH and/or HDS, we will pull the streams from your streaming server and deliver it to your users using the Content Delivery Network. This option offloads your origin/streaming server and helps you handle any traffic peaks.

  • What playback formats do you support?

    We support HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), MPEG-DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) and HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming). All these protocols follow the principle of segmenting the stream into manageable chunks which allow for resolution and bitrate adjustment based on users’ bandwidth and device capabilities.

  • What playback format do I choose?The choice of the playback format depends mainly on your target viewership. We’ve carefully selected widely supported playback formats to make sure you reach your viewers across platforms and devices including iOS and Android mobile platforms, all major internet browsers, Roku TV, IPTV platforms etc. Check the the for more information. If still in doubt, consult our technical support.
    close format support table
    Format supportHLSMPEG-DASHHDS
    BrowsersChrome 35+
    Firefox 42+
    ME Edge
    Safari on iOS
    Mac OS
    MobileAndroid 4.0+
    Windows 10 Mobile
    Players & Platforms
    Players & PlatformsjwPlayer
    Shaka player
    Amazon Fire TV
  • Can I have more than one playback format for a single stream?

    Yes. We're happy to provide you with embeddable links for all three playback formats we support - HLS, MPEG-DASH and HDS. The majority of players allow you to set one primary and one fallback playback format. For example, you can set MPEG-DASH as your primary format, but since MPEG-DASH is not supported on iOS devices, you set HLS as a fallback. This way, you make your stream accessible to as many viewers as possible.

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